Uniform policy

Beginning Fall 2014, all students ages two years and older must be dressed Monday through Thursday in the school uniform. Friday is free dress day. Claudia's Christian Montessori Academy's uniform vendor is:

Parker School Uniforms

2001 Airport road, Suite 308

(off of Lakeland Drive)

Flowood, MS   39232

(601) 936-6366


Fax: (601) 936-9907



Visits, Volunteer Opportunities, and Conferences

We believe that parents are one of our most valuable reaources, thus we welcome and encourage you to participate in your child's school activities as often as possible. Parents are welcome to visit at any time--no prior notice is required.

Each class welcomes the opportunity to have room parents to help teachers coordinate parties, design bulletin boards, compile the school newsletter, ans perform other tasks as needed. In you are interested in assisting in other ways, please inform the school or your child's directress. Any parent volunteering in the classroom or on fieldtrips must have a background central registry check on file in the school office. Parents are encouraged to complete this form at the beginning of the school year, as this process may take up to three weeks to complete.

Parent-teacher conferences will be held twice a year, once in November, and again in March (see school calendar and or newsletter for specific dates).

Parents and Children rights

Parents' Rights and Responsibilities

Parents have the right:

To know that their child is cared for in a safe, supportive environment;

To confer with the Teacher(s), Directors regarding concerns related to the child or the program. 

To be told about serious misbehavior on the part of their child, and to visit with the teacher (s), or the head of school in order to bring about improvement regarding a situation.

To be regularly informed  about school activities.

To have access to their child at any time.

Parents have the responsibility:

To pay fees on time.

To keep the child's records up-to-date.

To drop-off and pick-up their child on time as explained in the arrival and dismissal section.

To follow the health policy.

To let the school know if their child will not be attending on a regularly scheduled day.

To take note of any communications from the teacher or head of school regarding their child's behavior, and to cooperate in any efforts to bring about improvement.

To attempt to attend parent education meetings scheduled by the school.


Children Rights and Responsibilities

Children have the right:

To have a safe, supportive, and consistent environment.

To use all the program equipment, materials, and facilities on an equal basis.

To have respectful treatment.

To have discipline that is fair and non-punitive.

To receive nurturing care from staff members who are actively involved with them.

Children have the responsibility:

To be accountable for their actions.

To respect the school rules that guide them while at school.

To remain with the group and staff at all times.

To care for materials and equipment properly.



Parents are welcome to participate in all fundraising events as these funds assist in providing enhancements to our school, which gives our students a greater opportunity for a quality education. Fundraisers will only be initiated for certain 'special projects' such as surfacing material for the playground, playground equipment, and for holiday events.

Community Closet is COMING SOON! We are accepting donations now; just bring your clean kids' clothing, books, and puzzles,etc., to CCMA between 9am and 2pm Monday-Friday. However, if you would like to drop off donations during the weekend, please leave them on the front porch tagged with your contact information. Thank you for your donations.

Non-discrimination policy

Claudia's Montessori Preschool encourages children of all backgrounds to attend. The school does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, creed, national origin, or ethnic background.

Parent reviews

Coming soon! Please stay tuned to what our current parents have to say about our program.

Charities/Community Services/Upcoming food/clothing for the needy

Claudia's ChristIan Montessori Academy is proud to share that we will soon be reaching out to help the homeless in our community. We also visit our local nursing homes and children's hospitals and will be adopting a few of these entities soon. We go out for the holidays to give of our time to the local shelters, to help in any way we can. Please join us in giving back from our hearts to yours, in our communities. It is a part of our Christian and civic duty. 


Warmest regards, 

Gwendolen Jones

(head of school)