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Welcome to Claudia Christian Montessori Academy.
Claudia's Christian Montessori Academy was established March 26, 2013. My name is Gwendolen Jones, the Head of School/Educational Director. I have been in the preschool business for over 12 years and decided to align this facility with the Montessori concept based on my experience of employ in the traditional preschool setting. I decided on this method, because I felt it was a more independent, hands-on neutral approach for the growing child, as opposed to the stringency and predictability of the traditional classroom. The children are free to matriculate about the classroom as their interest promotes them to whatever activity or method of play decided upon; in a safe, patient, and loving atmosphere.
Our goal is to provide a safe, hands on, independent, academic achievement, nurturing and loving, family oriented environment; for children to learn, grow and play through cognitive, physical, and social development concepts, materials, and hands-on. I am a mom of four and can remember the the moments I endured when leaving my child in another person's care. This is a task that always tugs on a parents' heart, as they wonder is this the right thing to do, or should they choose a private caregiver. Our goal is to make the transition for you, and your child as comfortable as possible. We are concerned about the well-roundedness of the child, as well the development of your child's social, academic, emotional, intellectual and physical growth. We offer exposure to many activities, field trips and guest speakers that will enhance a child's experience. Our programs are balanced, and we look forward to adding extracurricular programs to enable your child to develop creatively and artistically as well.
Currently we offer violin, and will add creative arts, drama, foreign language, and piano in the Fall. We have lessons plans filled with music and movement, arts and crafts, science, reading and writing, incorporated in their daily schedule with enough flexibility that the structure is a pleasurable routine. Your child's classroom is consistently being evaluated to ensure that the space, materials, and living space is appropriately designed for the group of children in it. You may see periodic positive modifications in your child's classroom as we consistently strive to set up an environment that has a myriad of choices for your child's interest and are developmentally appropriate. Our partnership with you in a caring and safe environment for your child is important to us. We are available for communication at your convenience. As a mom, I remember a parents' concerns when dropping off, or picking up their child, and that it was sometimes difficult or inconvenient to communicate with their child's teacher or the head of school. Some ways we offer to ensure sound communication with you and your family are the bulletin board, the suggestion box, or the comment box located in the front office. Should you have any questions or concerns, or just want to check in or have an idea, or a suggestion on ways we may improve our program, please converse with your child's Directress, or the program Director to schedule an appointment. Our overall goal is to become an elite school: one child at a time, one day at a time. Our short-term goal is to begin a k-3 program in the Fall of 2016. Our LONGTERM goal is to bridge our program to the Middle/High School level. Our present future goal is to hire certified, qualified staff, continue with Montessori certification training, and to become AMI (American Montessori Accredited) as soon as procedure may allow. Thank you for choosing Claudia's Christian Montessori Academy for your childcare and academic needs! We look forward to meeting you and your family.
Gwendolen Jones
Education Director

Contact information

Claudia's Christian Montessori Academy Gwendolen Jones (Educational Director)

727 Rice Road
Ridgeland, Miss. 39157
Hours of Operation
Open at 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
Monday through Friday 

Details of what we offer

Our academic and creative art programs well rounded, fun, challenging, mentally stimulating, and enriching; in a loving, safe, and family oriented environment. 
    • STEM Labs
    • Violin classes
    • Piano classes
    • Soccer/other sports
    • Art Projects:finger and brush painting 
    • Baking
    • Fashion designs
        Dramatic play
    • Craft projects
    • Show and Tell 
    • Circle Time with Kids and Teacher 
    • Science Experiments 
    • Individual Games 
    • Coming Soon! Drama, Spanish, Piano, Musical